VSAR 302: Professor Evaluation

I love how direct Nancy was with feedback and critique. I am able to take the feedback being an art student but I can see how it can be “aggressive” towards students who are not used to critique. I like how Nancy would constantly email us what is due and what is expected for the […]

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VSAR 302: Favorite Assignments

My two favorite assignments are the studio lighting assignment and the flash field trip. I liked the studio lighting because I wasn’t aware of how to do all 5 of the different types of lighting and it isn’t something you know unless you are taught it (Especially butterfly and rembrandt). The photos I took that […]

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VSAR 302: Big Mac Lighting

I purchased a Big Mac, ate said Big Mac, and then proceeded to take these photos on Wednesday night. I took these at my house and took photos of my roommates. I used a flashlight, a Big Mac box, and my iPhone camera. I kept the light near the top right area of the frame […]

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VSAR 302: MOPA Visit

On April 8th, I visited MOPA at Balboa Park in San Diego. I just went by myself and took the time to enjoy and de-stress from life. Attached, I have iPhone photos of the pieces that stood out to me, a personal photo inspired by one of the pieces, and a self-portrait as proof that […]

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VSAR 302: Pictorialism

For this project, I had trouble trying to emulate the genre of pictorialism. I did not want to photoshop too much so I tried doing everything in lightroom to avoid making the photos an illustration, even though that is the point of pictorialism. Mainly, I lowered the clarity on the photos, added a sepia/black and […]

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VSAR 302: Photo Booth

On Monday, April 8th, I started and completed my photo-booth project. I did not have a chance all of Spring Break for I was volunteering with Habitat for Humanity all week in Tacoma, WA. For equipment, I used a Canon 6Dii with a speed light setup. I used a backdrop and set this up in […]

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